Precurio – About Us

Precurio is a simple, affordable and open intranet platform designed for  medium sized enterprises. We are a decade old company with a passion for improving the way businesses operate in the most cost effective manner.


Our Vision at Precurio

Precurio is an open platform for collaborative business solutions that delivers exceptional value in terms of cost savings and benefits to our customers.

The idea was conceived in 2007 as a response to the difficulty involved in setting up off-the-shelf intranet software. We also know how difficult it is to customize these products to the needs of your organization. Precurio is the ultimate middle ground for IT managers torn between developing an in-house intranet portal, and purchasing an off-the-shelf intranet solution.

Ease of deployment, functional management and cost effectiveness is what we strive to deliver.

Our History

In 2007, we were contracted by a client to handle the deployment of a popular enterprise intranet solution. While it turned out to be a good consulting gig for us, we were amazed at the number of deficiencies they had to put up with.

  1. Getting the total cost of ownership was not straightforward. We had to resort to a “network scan” to determine licenses.

  2. It took 6 months to move from project kick-off to intranet launch. While most of the delay were probably due to internal processes, the solution did not help much either.

  3. Integrating some of the customer’s custom applications (developed in-house) was a mess. We had to drop some.

  4. The total cost of the solution was immense. And this was the real kicker for us, because we believe the cost of collaboration should not be so high.

So we set out to build a solution; an intranet platform that was open (makes it easy to build and integrate custom solutions), simple (you don’t have to take a certification exam to set it up) and affordable (does not take a big chunk of your IT budget).

At Precurio, we are focused, and we continue to progress

It’s been almost a decade and we’re still focused on solving those problems. Currently in its 4th iteration, Precurio has become the perfect solution for mid-sized enterprises looking for an intranet software that is open, simple and affordable.

Today, over 2500 organizations are enjoying a stable, functional and usable intranet software portal. We hope that you’ll be next.

We have a new product!

After many years helping organizations become more efficient, we learnt something from our clients in the manufacturing and retail sector, that we thought would be very helpful to clients who offer professional services.

What we learnt was Profit.

Management Consultants, Legal, IT and Creative firms are very poor at measuring the profit they earn on every service they provide. Hence they struggle to build a truly sustainable business.