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Departmental Sites

Keeping all company-wide information in one place makes for a ton of problems. With Precurio you can easily organize these contents by department. Create and manage information based on the actual corporate structure of your company.


Segment your departments

You can create smaller segments of your intranet based on the departments within the company.

From there, users can easily find the information they need and managers can share important news and documents to the right people, at the right time.



Customize your structure

With Precurio, creating intranet sites is a very straightforward process.  You can create and update departments to reflect your own corporate structure. With our easy one-click administration you can assign folders and contents to subsets within the enterprise.

You can easily assign members and department admin.

Resource Management

Each intranet site has the ability to organize it’s own documents and contents. This enables managers to share mission critical information with the entire department for better synchronicity.

You can also post news announcements and even share visual elements through our department gallery image viewer. Perfect for the department managers that want to keep the entire team on point.


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