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Document Management and Sharing

One of the strongest elements within Precurio is its simple robust document management and sharing features.


View documents in the browser

With a lot of intranet applications you have to actually download the file to view it. This takes time and can interrupt the users workflow. With Precurio we offer in-application document viewing for easy access and discussion.

We support a variety of formats including PDF as well as images (JPG, PNG and GIFs).



Document Version Control

Another problem users often have is keeping shared documents current and up to date. With Precurio you can easily replace the existing document with a current version with a click of a button. Nothing can be more problematic than having team members working from older outdated versions of a document. This leads to confusion and in some cases, critical errors.

But that’s not all. We’ve also included a feature to manage the version history of your documents so that managers can easily see what has been changed and what was over-written.

Download access management

One common need for our users is the ability to control exactly who can download a document. Some times you just don’t want to restrict download access, you also want to lock the document with a key. With Precurio you can easily add password protection to any of the documents in the collection.

With our easy one-click interface you can now decide exactly which users can keep a copy of your documents on their hard drives. The perfect combination of access and control.



Document Sharing

Another common issue for a lot of intranet applications is the ability to actually control who can see your documents. A lot of the time you’ll want to be able to easily share a document with a limited set of team members or users. With Precurio that’s never going to be a problem again. We have a simple and easy to use interface to add single or multiple user access to any of the documents in your collection.

Simply click on our ‘share’ feature and add the users you want to give access to and notify them about new documents in the collection. The next time they log in, it’s right there waiting for them.

Comments and Discussions

Another great feature we’ve added to Precurio is the ability to have threaded comments on each of your documents. This is great for fostering discussions and team planning around the documents in your collection.  Any of the users that have access to a given document can easily add their own commentary around them.

This helps to keep everyone on focus as well as an ongoing archive of questions or issues related to the document in question. Communication enhances productivity and focus.


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