Why You Should Embrace the Customized Intranet User Experience

Why You Should Embrace the Customized Intranet User Experience


User experience is the total experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. There is a speedy rate of technological evolvement in the online atmosphere, but choosing to ignore the series of advancement could cause a setback for your business and staff. The advancement however outshines our former way of getting things done, and one of these is- customized user experience.
Let’s admit everyone loves to have their personal or private space at one point or the other. It could be at home or at work, there is an inward happiness that comes in being in your own zone without the usual public interference. The same goes for using an intranet. Can your staff make use of the intranet? Does it serve a need they have? Do they delightfully use it or grudgingly? Do they find it valuable? Is it accessible to them? These and more are questions you should ask yourself and your staff concerning general intranet utilization. As the manager of your company, it is imperative for you to create a customized experience on your intranet portal for your staff to continue adding value to the intranet, and make your staff keep coming back for it without hesitation.

How do you go about creating the customized experience?

● Discuss with your staff/management

Don’t let it be about you alone, your staff should be put into consideration as well. Ask them questions concerning their expectations and needs from the intranet. Although what they want might be different from that of the senior management but a neutral ground can be found nonetheless. For most staffs, the most important is speedily getting significant content whenever they want. Others are often- communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. But of course, as they say- ‘Content’ is king and everybody needs relevant content at one time or the other. Therefore, the information shared by peers should be found easily within the system by the staff members.

● Prioritization

It does not just stop at knowing the needs and expectations of your staff and management. Ensure you prioritize them for possible inclusion in your intranet. An intranet is not a website or a marketing campaign. Make no mistake of trying to sell your staff a product, service or idea like most people who use a typical website as a primary marketing vehicle. Instead, try and focus on access, speed and content because these three things are valuable to the company, as the intranet might be used by employees to search information and by management to engage employees in the business.

● Consequent incorporation of staff needs in the intranet

When users see what they want and, even if it’s not the complete 100% of their expectations, they get attracted to the intranet portal and will enjoy using it without direct/indirect persuasion. How tasking it would be for you as a manager to literally run after your staff to utilize your company intranet when that could be avoided if you simply incorporate their crucial needs into the intranet (mobile and desktop version).

Why should you embrace the customized user experience?

● Productivity Boost

A well-constructed user experience will help you in solving problems, completing tasks, and allow for staff engagement in whichever way they want. You also get to have great value for your money as you create the workflow you need, assign to any department or staff member on the intranet portal and they get the job done without much ado. This is more than a means to an end.

● Complete staff satisfaction

You are able to build a good working rapport among your staff and when their needs are incorporated on the intranet portal, they become satisfied and happy enough to perform their tasks effectively. When your staffs have a good positive user experience, there’s a high possibility of them sticking with the intranet and utilizing it in full capacity. You and your staff are opportune to keep working with an experience you are quite familiar with.

● Complex things become easy to use

Certain things that would ordinarily be difficult become easy to use by embracing the user experience. For instance, handling many forms or memos can slow down operations and even lead to critical mistakes and issues; but the ability to streamline business processes and become the ‘paperless office‘ makes everything easier and faster.

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