7 Intranet Myths Debunked

7 Intranet Myths Debunked


Intranet myths debunked.

Intranets are plagued with bad reputations and myths about their longevity, usability, and all sorts of problems that the popular intranet is unfairly targeted for.

There is a lot written about the intranet but here we debunk the 7 most popular myths floating around.

Myth #1: Intranets are just internal websites.

Intranets are so much more than just a website. They are document management systems, social networking, email and communication platforms, content managers, form and process management tools and so much more. If you are limiting yourselves to thinking of the intranet as just another customer-facing website, think bigger, and more interactive and you’re getting closer.

Myth 2: Intranets are for BIG organizations

Whether your business or organization employs 20 people or 20,000, an intranet can help boost productivity, enhance communication and even help with remote working. If you’re a small business, it may be even easier to buy an off-the-shelf solution such as Precurio and cut through all the red tape and complexities that surround many design-your-own intranets.

Myth #3: Once it’s up and running, you’re set

Not true. No matter how well-designed, well-researched and high-tech your new state of the art Intranet is, there is still a lot of work to do after you launch your intranet. And for many, intranet projects don’t take off as expected. You will need to use a variety of techniques not just to get people to start using the intranet but to continue using it. Some of these include Intranet training workshops, feedback loops, messages from the CEO, social media platforms, maintenance, upgrades and technical support, amongst other things… Phew! Yes, the job is not finished once you launch so do make sure you reflect this in your budget and project timeline.

Myth #4: Intranets are so last year

Believe it or not. Intranets are here to stay. We will see different variations of intranet technology over time and we will also see this technology evolve but it’s definitely here.

Myth #5: Intranets require little maintenance

Like we said earlier, if you believe your job is done after launch, you’re in for a lot of surprises. Intranets can grow fast and content can become disorganized and outdated if not filed and managed properly. Ensure your Intranet is growing with your company, adding users, keeping content, technology and bandwidth current and ensuring your budget is accurate and up-to-date. To avoid surprises, build in milestones and evaluations every six months or so to report on progress, gather feedback from users and set realistic budgets.

Myth #6: Intranets are the responsibility of the IT Dept

While the IT Department may have ultimate responsibility for the technical know-hows of the Intranet, updating its content, inputting into its design and function, communication and knowledge sharing remain the responsibility of the entire organization; senior leadership, HR and communications departments being key players in that. By limiting ownership of your Intranet to the IT dept, you are limiting your Intranet’s growth and usefulness.

Myth #7: Hosting on a server is the best way to build your intranet

People have been wary about the cloud in the past, preferring instead to host the intranet on their own servers. But, the cloud has come a long way since then. Security, ease of use and cost are three reasons why many organisations are opting to use the Cloud over an in-house server. You can also learn more about the benefits of a cloud intranet platform.

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Mayor Brain

Product Manager, Precurio

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