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4 Quick Tips to Improve Remote Working Through Your Intranet


Before introducing your flexible working policy and announcing remote working in your business’ attempt to win over your employees, you need to ensure you give your employees the right tools to get their work done efficiently. Obviously email and conference calls have revolutionised remote working in the past but this is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what’s possible with social intranet software.

Today’s modern day office may have a head office, even several different physical locations but chances are there are hundreds, even thousands of employees who work in different time zones, at different locations, using different software and different mediums such as cell phones, laptops, tablets or desktop computers to access their files. Nothing can be more frustrating for an employee to log off from the office, bring work home only to discover (s)he cannot access work from home.

File Sharing

Forget dropbox and shared drives, today’s intranet solution offers real time file storage and search functions that will allow users to work on files simultaneously, allowing users to view previous versions, comment on updated newer versions and combine revisions from multiple users. Files can be fully searchable with advanced search engines that work similarly to google if tagged properly and users can be notified remotely if new files have been uploaded.

Communication Made Easy

Instant messaging, chat rooms, blogs, company wide announcements, profile sharing… an intranet solution can make communication instant and easy allowing users to search archived messages for previous discussions and access information easier than the memos and emails of the past. The benefits for remote workers are too much to ignore.

Simple Project Management 

If you have a team of employees working from multiple offices, locations and departments, managing a project can be a painful, if not, full time job just having to manage your team, let alone the work. With an intranet solution, you can start a project, assign roles to employees, post comments, and update its status as time goes by, without ever having to bring them into the same room. Efficiency is the key here and if you want to save yourself or your business time and money, an intranet solution is the best investment you could ever make.

Effortless Human Resource Management 

If you’re an HR employee, providing a service to employees whom you never see can be just as frustrating for you as it might be for a top CEO if you don’t have the tools to reach your staff working remotely. An intranet can give you peace of mind that all staff will be able to access the latest company news, book leave, share their calendars and view their salary details. It’s a practical solution that can benefit any company, regardless of industry.

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Mayor Brain

Product Manager, Precurio

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