Product Information  Precurio Anywhere

Modern Intranet on the move

Your intranet can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Precurio makes it easy to work from the office, on the field or on the move to make sure you stay productive.


Any device of your choice

While the desktop has always been the preferred device for work, the world has evolved beyond the desktop. In the modern enterprise environment, users and managers need to access information and communicate on a wide variety of devices.

With our recently launched mobile version, optimised for most mobile devices; Now, you can access your intranet whenever you need to!


Wherever you go!

If you’ve ever needed to access a document, workflow or even get a hold of a team member while you’re on the road, then Precurio has you covered. We’ve created the ultimate mobile office to access anyone and anything, at anytime. Never be caught without the critical information you need, when you need it.

Collaborate with team members and stay productive even when you’re not in the office. Discuss ideas, check tasks and more, all from any device that you have access to.