Product Information  Advantages

Why Precurio?

We’ve worked hard over the years to build an intranet solution that is fast, easy to use and easy to deploy; while still being flexible, robust and affordable. We’re the top choice for medium sized enterprises that need a solution which works with their budget and requirements.


Ease of Use

Our product is simple to set up and use. The last thing you, the IT professional, needs is to spend much of your time teaching others in the company how to use the system or dealing with bugs and issues that can arise from a bloated application. Precurio is easy to deploy and easy to use. We’ve streamlined things so that you can get on with your work without having to deal with the issues created by more intricate solutions. We also offer excellent support and training to help get you started and deal with any issues that arise.

More affordable than most

When we developed Precurio we first set out to create something that could get the job done at the enterprise level without breaking the bank. There was a need for a bridge between the bloated big vendor solutions and the often lacking, open source offerings. We created a great in-between offering for those that need a full featured application but don’t want to spend the money on the larger enterprise applications. And we really nailed it.

Document Sharing and Workflow

Our imagination of document sharing features and the simplicity of our workflow system, is what our customers say are our truly unique features. Upon further investigation, we discovered they were right; we truly have the simplest workflow and document management system in the market. With Precurio, you can

  • Create folders and upload documents.
  • Share documents with users or groups.
  • Build and publish forms.
  • Create workflows and configure approval process.

While these features are definitely not unique to us, it is unlikely you will find another solution that implements these features with such ease and simplicity.

Open Licensing

Another stumbling block that a lot of the more bloated applications out there suffer from is a restrictive and complicated licence. Yes, our software is indeed proprietary, but we give you the source code plus the license to change everything and even engage another company to help you with the changes. We don’t lock you inside of the box. We think outside of it.

No unwanted or unneeded features

If there’s one thing that can cause a lot of grief for the IT department, it’s an intranet that overwhelms the end user and confuses the administrator. While many competitors take pride in having the most features, we take pride in have just enough features to get the job done easily and efficiently.


Precurio started off as one of the best known and used open source intranet applications. So by the time we moved into to Enterprise market, we had a mature and well developed product. With our many years of experience in what customers need and the pitfalls that affect them, we have created one of the best mid-level solutions available today. When it comes to using Precurio you’re always one step away from our core team. We are big enough to create a full featured application, but small enough to offer a very personal support system.