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When researching the market for possible Intranet solutions, Precurio quickly became one of the top solutions of choice. Precurio could facilitate almost all of our must-haves and even most of our nice-to-haves straight “out of the box”.

Ruud Hop
System Administrator, Royal Roofing Materials BV. Netherlands.

Testimonial Ruud Hop
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Company Collaboration

Staff Directory – Access all the company staff members via an easy to navigate directory. It shows their job information, skills, as well as any tasks and discussion they’re involved in within the intranet. You can even communicate and assign tasks right from the user’s interface.

Department Viewer – List all of your company’s internal departments for access at a glance. Each department can list a description as well as (department specific) announcements, resources (file management) and more.

Instant Messaging – Our built in chat application makes instant communication and collaboration a breeze. Get the answers you need, when you need them.

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Document Management

Ease of use – access and upload important documents for at-a-glance access and sharing.

Organization – complete hierarchical control of main and sub-folder creation for total control and management of your company’s documents.

Sharing – easily share documents with team and staff members.

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Task Management

Assign Tasks – easily create and assign tasks for staff in our easy to use task management tool set. Organize teams and tasks to ensure nothing ever gets missed again.

Viewer – easily access your tasks as well as those created for other employees at a glance. You can view by priority and due dates and overdue as well as pending activities to be worked on.

Archiving – complete archiving system to go back and look at tasks that have been knocked off to ensure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Manage – Monitor and prioritize tasks, email and live feed notifications, transfer tasks, search and more.

Events Management

Manage – keep everyone up to date with what’s happening within your company and create new events and view events by official, personal and locations. Manage upcoming and past events, publish event materials, share event pictures and more.

Calendar – allows employees to check out, at a glance, all the upcoming events and confirm attendance and add comments to the actual events themselves.



Discussion Forums

Engage – foster engagement company-wide through our state of the art forum application that will manage all of your ongoing threaded discussions. Communication is key for a successful enterprise, our forum feature helps make this a reality.

Threaded communication – you can create new boards, sub boards and display recent discussions through our time-line features.

Team Management

Team Rooms – create specific team areas to manage groups, teams or  departments privately.

Each group comes with own activity stream,  tasks, notes, files and discussion area, making it possible to use workgroups as private project spaces for different departments or employee groups/teams.

Team Rooms successfully unite small teams or departments in a secure and convenient area.


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Content Management

News and announcements – keep employees up to date with all the latest happenings from the company and across the industry with easy blog styled announcements section.

Publish Internal Articles – it’s your own internal system for publishing articles on a variety of mission critical or even educational elements. Comes complete with commenting system that’s tied to the user throughout the system. Other features include the ability to make featured, disable comments and more.