Product Information  System Requirements

Works with your server infrastructure


precurio requirements. works on linux, windows.
Server Hardware Requirements

Operating Systems;

  • Microsoft Windows Server – 64 bit (version 2008 or later) OR
  • Linux Distributions (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora etc)

Recommended Hardware based on Total Users

100 – 300 Users 300 – 500 Users
Processor Speed Dual Core Processor (2.2 GHz) Quad Core Processor (2.2 GHz)
RAM 4 GB (DDR3) 8 GB (DDR3)
Disk Space 40 GB 80 GB

Important; If you are going to deploy Precurio for more than 400 users, then we do recommend to use 2 servers. One server as the application/web server and the other dedicated to the database elements.

Web Servers ;

  • Apache Server (version 2.2.x, PHP version 5.3+) OR
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS 7)

Database Servers;

  • MYSQL Server (version 5.1+) OR
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above

Desktop Requirements

For everyday use, there is no software to install on your end. You simply need an internet connection and a browser and you’re good to go. Precurio has been tested on all the major browsers including;

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.x and higher
  • Apple Safari 4.x and higher
  • Google Chrome 8.x and higher

We do advise staying up to date with your browser of choice, but in most cases we handle older versions as well.