Roses are red, Precurio is blue

Roses are red, Precurio is blue



Valentine’s Day (a.k.a Saint Valentine’s Day) is a holiday in remembrance of Saint Valentine, celebrated by sending cards or similar tokens of love to your loved ones – spouse, friend, member of a family, or a colleague at work.

It is a much anticipated holiday in many organizations, and for many reasons:- the day when decorations and outfits at the office have a touch of red, a period of merry and laughter, and a break from work. Team leaders should use this period to leverage on certain intranet features like Events Calendar, Polls, Photo Album & Blogging, to pass information about the holiday, and details of what will occur on that date. This will boost engagement, boost morale, and most of all maintain excitement.



There’s nothing more exciting than a countdown to any anticipated event. I mean, we’ve seen how cheerful people get in any gathering, when counting down into the new year, with all the fireworks on display. It’s amazing! With Events Calendar, Polls and Blogging, a similar reaction can be gotten from employees through the intranet:

Event’s Calendar

Highlight the holiday date to catch the attention of employees. Practically everyone has dates of major holidays at their fingertips, starting from New Year to Christmas, so when they recognize a highlighted date, they are curious to know what the organization has in store for them. A countdown timer can be deployed to constantly tickle excitement.


Blogging will inform employees to wear a touch of red on Valentine’s Day, it will provide details of the dinner or the location of the trip or whatever event the leaders have planned for the day. You can create discussion topics with links to various gift ideas or romantic ideas, just to make sure that you engage your employees.


For continued engagement and excitement, a poll can be created to enable employees vote for the most romantic idea, which a prize will be awarded to the winner on Valentine’s Day.



There are always residues of excitement after a fun event, as employees still talk about it and refer to moments from the event. With Blogging & Photo Album you can ensure that those moments and comments are permanent.

Blogging & Photo Album

Create a discussion topic that will encourage everyone to share their experience about the Valentine period. They can be encouraged to also upload “most awkward photo”, “most romantic photo”, “best valentine’s couple photo” of the event, and the winning pictures can be used as the official events picture in “Events”.


Heads of departments can conveniently promote any holiday with the tools built into Precurio software (Blogging, Events Calendar, Polls & Photo Album), which encourage a collaborative culture, and offer the following benefits: information sharing, time saving, engaging, exciting, morale booster, intranet adoption encouragement, and recap factor.

Mayor Brain

Product Manager, Precurio

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