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May 2016

Ready, Set, Launch! : 8 Ways to Engage Users in Intranet Design

Engage Users. Intranet Design Intranet design is an art form, not a science. It will look different for every organization and definitely should not look like company x intranet if it’s done well. This means tailoring your intranet solution to your company needs and its users. But it’s not so easy for an IT manager or an HR professional to understand the complexities and job...

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Apr 2016

10 Most Common Intranet Challenges That Will Keep You Up at Night

If you’re at the exciting stage of launching your intranet or just at the point of pitching your intranet ideas to management, it’s always important to be aware of the intranet challenges ahead. And inevitably, there will be some challenges. Being aware will help you prepare for what lies ahead. Make sure you build these into your risk management strategy and formulate ideas for how to...

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Intranet Development 2015 – Best Practices and Emerging Trends


Oct 2015

Intranet Development 2015 – Best Practices and Emerging Trends

The year 2015 till now has seen intranet development and uses evolve in many ways. With little more than two months to go for the year end, it makes sense to take a look at the emerging trends in design, development, features for enhanced user friendliness and budgeting of intranet software products across the world. While there are different parameters to assess the utility of an intranet...

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